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 Rachel | Fea | Alpha

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PostSubject: Rachel | Fea | Alpha   Rachel | Fea | Alpha EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 12:53 am

Name: Rachel
Age: 3 years
Gender: Fea |Female
Coat color(s): Brown black and white
Eye color(s): Emerald green
Markings: Tow black swirls down her back
Scars: all hidden beneath her fur
Paw pad color(s): black and pink
Height: 34 in
Weight: 80 lb
Deaf?: No
Blind?: No
Wants Pups?: Yes
Rank: Alpha
Rank Wanted: Alpha
Pack: StarLit
Mother: Lukina
Step Mother: Never Had
Father: Se van
Step Father: Never Had
Sisters: --
Half Sisters: --
Step sisters: --
Dead Sisters: Viven
Brothers: Ricko
Half Brothers: --
Step brothers: --
Dead Brothers: --
Crushes: N/A
ExCrushes: N/A
Bf/Gf: N/A
ExBf/Gf: N/A
Mate: N/A
ExMates: N/A
Dead Mates: N/A
Pups: N/A
Step Pups: N/A
Dead Pups: N/A
History:Rachel was born early spring. With her three siblings. Her parents where very loving and supportive.

Likes: Swimming. Light rain Flowers pearls Hunting
Dislikes: Thunder, heavy rain, Show offs and stuck up wolves
Greatest Desire: To be a great leader
Greatest Fear: To fail
This section you put 1-10 depending on you wolves personality.
Loyalty Level: 9
Patient level: 8
Tolerance level:6
Submissive level:1
Flirting level: 6
Reckless level: 1
Pride Level: 6
Kind Level:7
Polite level:8
Protective Level:10
Organization Level: 7
Outgoing Level:8
45 points to spend in this area. the min being 1 point per section. The Max is 10.
Hunting skill:7
Fighting skill: 7
Swimming Skill: 5
Stalking skill:6
Trailing skill:6
Speed skill: 7
Sneak skill:7
Aptitude Skills
You earn these as your wolf grows and learns. You start with 6 points to spend. every section must be at least 1.
Any Illnesses/Broken bones ect.: She is not sick and does not have any broken bones
What your wolf has learned:
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Rachel | Fea | Alpha
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