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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 1:28 pm

Read Everything. There are rules for specific instances and just about anything else. It is YOUR responciability to keep yourself upto date with the rules.
What will be covered:
  • Posting Requirements
  • OCC rules
  • Account Rules
  • Fighting
  • Hunting
  • Mating/Birthing

Posting Requirements
Here are a few simple rules and guidelines to help you get the most out of your role-play experience here.

  1. All posts are to be writen in third person. There should be no I,me,you,ect in your post. Unless your character is talking.
  2. Proper grammer, spelling is required throughout the rp. IF you are un sure about the spelling put (SP?) at the end of the word.
  3. Capitalization and punctuation is required
  4. Four good scentences is required. An adverage of Six(6) words per scentence. Use surroundings, sund, thoughts, memory's, and speech, etc. to create good scentences.
  5. You should post once a week in character. IF you are not active Staff may put warning on your account for inactivity.

Although the majority of the board is geared towards role-playing, there are certain out of character courtesies we expect.

  1. A certain level of maturity is necessary to remain on this board. Although the minimum age is thirteen, it is recommended that you either abide by the guidelines set on this board or be a minimum of fifteen to role-play on this board.
  2. Do not argue just for the sake of arguing. If you have a problem, please try to keep it to private messages. If there is a need for a staff member to get involved, feel free to contact any of us. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need.
  3. If you have any problems or concerns about the site, contact the admin or one of the staff members. We will do our best to fix it if it is within our power to do so.
  4. Be polite and respectful to your fellow rpers.

  1. You may have a max of two(2) accounts
  2. Two(2) wolves to an account. The only way to get more is to have pups.
  3. You have to make a character sheet for each additional character you make after you have one.

These rules are very strict and anyone found breaking them will be suspended.

  1. You may not kill or cause seriouse injury to annother players characer with out their consent.
  2. You have three(3) days to respond to a fight or your opponet wins.
  3. You may not post they your character scratched the others face. You have to post you character atempting to scratch their face. this goes with any other fighting move.
  4. Noone is perfect characters can NOT always dodge an attack and never get hurt.

Hunting is surviving.

  1. Keep everything realistic. Wolves get hurt sometime when hunting. Even with a full day of hunting a wolf still may not have caught something.
  2. Roll the hunting dice after your atempt to catch prey to see the out come.
  3. A single wolf can not take down a full grown deer or elk.
  4. See hunting chart to see how many wolves it take to take down differnt prey.

Mateing / Birthing
With the arrival of new life, there are certain things that need to be handled. Please consult this section if you are considering a litter of pups.

  1. Pack wolves are at the mercy of their alphas. It is up to the individual alphas to decide whether their pack members are allowed to mate or not. If wolves have pups with out their leaders concent the alpha has the right to kill the pups and punish the parents.
  2. Forced breeding is allowed. However, it must be discussed out of character between the two users before hand. Do not expect any pity when the other wolf’s owner
    complains that you force-bred their character without permission. Females can not force a male to mate.
  3. Due to the TOS, graphic birthing threads / mating threads/excessively violent role-playing is not permitted on the board.
  4. The administrator will pick the number of pups born in a litter, their gender and looks based on breed stats and other factors.

*** Special Note***
The rules are not compleate yet. They will be constantly revised and updated in the weeks to come.
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